Schnipps platform requires a very strong password in order to sign up.
We do this in order to keep you safe.
Please note that a very strong password doesn’t need to be too long.
We require this:

  • minimum 6 digits
  • at least 1 Capital letter: M C etc
  • at least 1 lowercase letter: a b c etc
  • 1 number: 1 2 34 32 etc
  • 1 special character: -/!@% etc

As an example: Johan@2 or maGist9# or Cloud#9 are very strong.

Why we do this?

Instead of letting the users choose a very low password that might lower the security way much, we prefer to educate our users and help them create very strong passwords with fewer digits. A smart password.

We do this because we promised a high level of security for the users. One very important item is the password itself. So please use our examples above to build…

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