iOS 6 beta – developer preview


I just installed the iOS 6 dev preview.

First feeling: a better, unified, improved UI. In all the native apps: mail, ipod etc.

Very happy with the new MAPS – very fast.

Other great thing: setting the phone on “DO NOT DISTURB” mode.

And many other improvements.

But the star of the day is SIRI, my favorite.

It opens apps, sends tweets, posts to facebook and does everything you wish.

I still have to decide wether to downgrade to 5.1 until fall, or keep the new iOS on – with all the potential bugs, battery leaks etc.

But I really feel that Apple is focused on doing great things for human kind. And this is one of the steps forward.
People with disabilities can use iOS and Mac OSX  effortless and this is making their life better.

Thank you, Apple 


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