About data privacy and philosophy of personal data control

Great news where ever you look these days.{satire}

On Google, Apple, Facebook and so on.
But what i really don’t like is how they manage to make money out of our personal informations, personal data / private info and I mean REAL MONEY.

I am not so sure about Apple(maybe because of my love for  and because I’m an  developer), but the other 2 giants are doing a very very pervert action.

They have taken our personal data and used it against us. How dare you say: “I need your personal details for feedback / analysis purpose?”. When everything points to your greed?

When I founded Schnipps with Michael Klaus we were very excited about this. We believed that we will change the world. And it was almost unbelievable that the VCs won’t jump with funds for our startup!!!

Turns out this way:

People love our app and we gain traction everyday with this new disruptive Address Book and Contacts Manager for your smartphone. They sense the value of the platform and they trust it 100% for there is no perversion about data privacy. We know nothing about their personal data stored in our cloud.

Companies, however (not all of them), are interested in how can they make money from the users databases. And when we tell them they can’t – this is too much.

Well, we also told companies this:

If you want to play it safe, ethical and if you want to gain trust from your customers, Schnipps is the way to be. It’s the only ethical, uncorrupted and disruptive new concept of personal data management.  We put data security at the heart of our business.

By enrolling Schnipps companies will be more transparent about personal data usage and the customers will have more trust in the brand for giving them control over their OWN data

Simply put it this way: It’s easier for me to give you something (my phone number or my shopping preferences) if I have the control over when to give it and how. And also, the fact that I can deny access to that data piece at any moment, it’s a game changer.

So when Facebook and Google want to steal my data or “access it” by force – I can’t allow this. I just want to have the control of my data. IT’S MINE!

So wtf is next? Facebook face recognition, or some cool data recorder gadget from Google’s garage?

Go and take MySchnipps address book manager for a spin. It’s free and it will improve your life. And your smartphone 🙂


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