Focusing on what you love to do everyday as an entrepreneur

I love this photo.

Made on a great sacre place in medieval France. A place where every citizen, gentry or commoners, love what they do everyday.

If it’s cheese – awesome fromage, by the way – or craftsmanship – they love it.
They live their entire day guided by one simple principle: love your work and try to get better with each day.

Perfection is not a finish line. It’s a state of mind that drives your energies towards your BEST YOU at each moment.

When I started a Startup I was determined to make it work. And I still do. But I never even thought of the way it captures all your thoughts and energies. Like you live only for that, 24/7.

Perhaps if I meet Sir Richard Branson I could get a better understanding of this “phenomenon”.

What is also strangely beautiful is that if you’re a great leader, your energy will attract great people around you. And that is the way to success.

Rockstars attract Rockstars


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