In the pursuit of happiness

Happiness is the desire of most people.  But the number of folks who miss it is appalling.

Instead of living in the sunshine of happiness, they are dwelling under the cloud of gloom.  The road they follow leads to the swamp of despair instead of the garden of happiness.  This need not be.

There are a few simple rules that, if followed, will produce happiness.  They are:

  1. Keep your mind stored with constructive thoughts.
  2. Look for the beautiful and pleasant things in life.
  3. Adjust yourself to whatever happens in life so as to make the best of it.
  4. Have no regrets — live in the present instead of the past.
  5. Give every man a square deal, whether he be prince or pauper.
  6. Do your job, no matter how humble it may be, with the best efforts you can give.
  7. Do something for someone every day.
  8. Have faith in yourself, your fellows and God.


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2 thoughts on “In the pursuit of happiness

  1. I love the advice to look for beautiful things in life–it’s true that often we miss the good around us because we’re focusing on the bad. I agree with these tips for happiness!

    1. Yes, Stephanie – they say we have to search for a positive way of life. Positive thinking, positive energy.
      That gives you some boost in moving forward.

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