Useful reminders for entrepreneurs

1. Build your business and your life.

Should you focus on building a sustainable and profitable company? Absolutely. But as you carefully craft your company, and lay the foundation of your dreams don’t forget to design your life.

Take time to connect with other entrepreneurs, take a trip, and simply do what you love to do. Develop life goals and business goals. Stay focused on them at every juncture.
You should  use MySchnipps app to always get connected with others.

2. Make definitive decisions.

It’s easy to be indecisive. Especially when there’s a lack of information, faith or focus on what is essential and how events and opportunities connect to the bigger “business picture.”

Learn to trust your ability to make positive and impactful decisions in your business. If you lack expertise, seek wise counsel. Either way — gather facts, trust your instincts and act swiftly. Never let indecision turn into missed opportunities.

Need help? Get inspired with tech savvy tools like Idea Bucket — a pro and con list on steroids.


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