Living on the fast lane. Again

There have been some big changes around my work space. And there is still more to come.

I was doing a lot of nice changes on Mountix, the fresh startup from Bavaria that I recently joined. And the team saw big impact in the social networks – that is always a great thing, so everybody’s happy.

I started to pay a lot of attention to the productivity category in the app stores and trying to find an app for my personal use + work use.

I got an Evernote Premium account and things are good enough for my taste. But not perfect yet. A great collaboration tool and productivity toolbox, but is lacking some of the features that I need. But hey, this is why Evernote is a platform more than an app, right?

For me, everything should combine into one central dashboard for easy management. We had the big bang of apps and platforms, now we started to create aggregators: multiple accounts and social networks posting, multiple posting from one app etc.

So, after we had freedom to choose, we need centralisation.  If you are a “power networker” you know what I mean. It’s hard to jump around apps and do a lot of tasks from different accounts and platforms etc.

That is why apps like tweetdeck exist. And this is just an humble example.

I will keep studying the productivity tools and will try to find suitable stuff to implement my work with.

Do you have any interesting apps that you use for your day today work? Desktop, mobile, web?



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