I decided to make it more clear to you how to think in terms of UX when it comes to your address book for iPhone. I mean a third party address book for iOS.

After digging on the internet and making researches and polls and chatting about this with lots of people, mainly power networkers, it was very clear that  a few ideas stood out from the crowd:

  1. the address book has to be beautiful in terms of UI – to make me switch from the default one
  2. it has to be very engaging for the users, to offer new ways to manage and interact with your contacts
  3. easy to understand the basic functionalities
  4. focus on people: socialise, pictures, rich profiles etc
  5. it has to help the user – forget about maintaining and curating contacts; make some automation and smart sorting etc
  6. offer some backup and sync options to popular services like Evernote