A sad moment for Romania

The loss of the last King of Romanians is a huge turning point for this country – from chaos to order and back to chaos across one century.

A great personality – perhaps the greatest one from the last century and a very sad king. Betrayed by his people, by the political class, sent away in exile by his own people, he never lost hope that Romanians can be a great nation.

We disappointed him again and again, lying to the history, lying to our children and always being ignorant. Ask anyone in Romania – people my age – 20 – 40 years old – and they will tell you that the royal family went into exile with a huge train carrying pure gold. But the King had to work for his own family, to bring them bread and butter every day. The ignorant don’t want to read that. They do not see the evidence.

And frankly, it does not matter. I am disgusted and disappointed by my own people. It is hard to admit it. The first King, Carol the first, was on the brink of abdicating – he could not rule over a nation so unpredictable and so immature. How can you create and build a nation with them?

We are not working with the right people to make a change. We want the change to happen without working to make it real. When we meet a great ruler or leader to help us rebuild, we betray him and we act cowardly. This is the real history of Romanians.

Bref, this is it. We are not worthy of His trust and faith.

I am amazed how the King believed in this country so much that we could be the nation he always wanted us to be.

I’d like to change the status quo and challenge all Romanians to make a change.
His Majesty the King left us. He believed in us till the very last breath.
It is time to rise and make a change. All of us. Why?

I do not see ROMANIA as a legacy from our ancestors, I see it as a country we borrowed from our children. – King Michael the First.

It is our duty as citizens to make this effort. There are many illuminated minds working on this huge effort. But it takes all of us to make it real.

All of us should make a change. We are far away from democracy.

Democracy means we should all be involved in the good governance process. We should take active roles and make sure the interest of the people is respected.
The old political class needs to be changed. As people, they will never change.
We need new personalities involved in this process.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 14.11.02.png

So. Here are my thoughts for 2018.

We need to wake up. Be in high alert mode and be present into today. Make a change. Do not expect that something magic will happen and things will be great again (they never were…). You need to show up and get to work.

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