The unstoppable you

Being yourself with no other thoughts. Focusing on your breath. Being cold blooded when you’re in the middle of the action with 120 frames per second. 
Able to stop the time or slow motion it.
Working in a fast rhythm and trying to learn on-the-go where others step back.
It’s like a new day everyday but walking on the same road and at some point you find a waterfall. If you haven’t learn already how to drive the boat, then you need to learn it now, 10 seconds before it happens. 

Being an unstoppable entrepreneur is being in that boat, driving it while learning how to drive. That’s exactly the feeling! It’s high risk – lots of work – high reward – …. and so on.
It’s almost like being a pirate. You don’t study that, you feel it and you act upon it.

If you are gonna tell me that an entrepreneur is that guy that does lots of spreadsheets on how it’s gonna be every second of his business – then I feel bad for you soon. That’s a business guy. Not a pirate, not an entrepreneur.

First rule is: you have to be there, you have to feel it.
The second rule is knowledge. But not just normal knowledge.
Knowledge without experience is nothing… It’s useless.
When you drive the boat – that’s knowledge from experience, that’s the real deal. The rest is nothing.

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